FIAM’s core mission pillar:

Cultivating Talent for a Data-Driven Era

One of the most valuable commodities in the world will be data, and the financial industry is at the forefront of its production, analysis, and utilisation

This statement carried implication for both, the finance and investment community as well as the academic realm. Investors should be prepared to embrace data-driven approaches, consider the ethical and regulatory aspects of data usage, and adapt to the evolving landscape of data-related investment opportunities and risks. Simultaneously, academic institutions and universities must urgently adapt their education programs to prepare students to this data-driven future.
Here are some steps that forward thinking institutions have already incorporated in their curriculums.

  • Incorporate data analytics and data science courses into their finance and business programs.
  • Include courses on data ethics and compliance within their data curriculum.
  • Promote the development of programming and technical skills amongst finance students.
  • Introduce machine learning and artificial intelligence (AI) concepts in financial programs.
  • Encourage interdisciplinary collaboration between finance, computer science, and ethics departments.
  • Incorporate real-world projects and internships into the curriculum to provide students with hand-on experience in using data for financial analysis.
  • Collaborate with financial institutions and data analytics firms to establish industry partnerships.


4590, boul. Saint-Laurent,
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H2T 2R3

4590, boul. Saint-Laurent,
Montréal (Québec)
Canada H2T 2R3

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