CFA Montréal Honours Danielle Filistin for Contributions to the Academic Community

CFA Montréal Honours Danielle Filistin for Contributions to the Academic Community

CFA Montréal Honours Danielle Filistin for Contributions to the Academic Community

At the ninth annual Montreal Alternative Investment Forum (FIAMtl) Méchoui BBQ event on August 25, CFA Montréal presented an award to Danielle Filistin, CFA, PRM, for her outstanding contributions to Montreal’s financial and investment community. Her volunteer efforts have helped raise the visibility of the various financial professions, and the CFA designation in particular, within the university ecosystem.

As the chair of CFA Montréal’s University Relations Committee, Danielle is determined to help provide students with the tools they need to break into and thrive in the financial industry.

“In my capacity as chair of the CFA Montréal University Relations Committee, I would like to share this award with everyone at CFA Montréal and CFA Québec. Together, they have built a financial community at the local level that has had an impact and a voice on the global stage,” she said. “I would also like to thank our Executive Director, Jo-Ann Hajdamacha, for being so supportive and responsive and our President, Odrée Ducharme, who feels strongly about the role of women in growing our collective financial expertise. For me, this is a particularly meaningful honour that recognizes all the hard work and effort put in over the past two years amid some pretty daunting challenges.”

Danielle stressed that the award is a testament to the vital importance of volunteers and partners to CFA Montréal, without whom she would never have been able to undertake the colossal task of bringing students, professors and professionals together to speak plainly about what they have each learned and experienced. “Giving back to those who will continue to propel this tremendous community forward in the years to come is what inspires me to do what I do every day. My thanks go out to Claude Perron and the whole FIAMtl team for their ongoing commitment to shining the spotlight on our local expertise and to growing our network here and around the world. Thank you, everyone, for this incredible honour.”

FIAMtl President Claude Perron also sang Danielle’s praises at the Méchoui BBQ: “Keeping members informed and inspired, sharing experiences and growing networks are all central to the mission of CFA Montréal’s University Relations Committee, chaired by Danielle. The exceptional part she has played in developing a community of young talent is making a real difference in cementing the reputation of our financial community, both here at home and internationally. Congratulations to Danielle for being such a great leader!”

Source : CFA Montréal