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Claude Perron

Crystalline Management


Claude Perron is Chairman of the Board of Directors of Cristallin Management, a firm specializing in arbitrage strategies on fixed-income securities, convertible bonds and market events (primarily mergers and acquisitions). He also held the position of Co-Chairman of the Board of AIMA Canada (Alternative Investment Management Association) for several years. As part of his activities at AIMA, Claude has organized numerous events on various themes of interest to the Montreal financial and investment communities. Claude also helped launch CAASA (Canadian Association of Alternative Strategies & Assets) by organizing the BBQ Méchoui 2018 (5th edition) exclusively with CAASA.

AIMA and CAASA are two groups that work in a common community space. AIMA is international in scope, with headquarters in London and regional chapters in Canada, the United States, Australia, Japan and Singapore, among others. Although both associations serve the same market, the younger and more entrepreneurial CAASA has embraced a broader range of alternative investment areas and corresponding membership.

FIAM now oversees the BBQ Méchoui

In 2014, as part of his activities at AIMA, Claude organized the first summer social activity now known as the “Méchoui.” From the beginning, he wanted to include EMB (Emerging Managers’ Board) to stimulate exchanges between industry professionals and foster the development of local emerging managers. EMB remains to this day a key partner of the event.

During the first four years, this get-together was organized in partnership with AIMA and EMB. As mentioned above, the 2018 Méchoui was placed under the aegis of CAASA — an initiative aimed at supporting the success of this newly launched association.

After this experience, Claude Perron quickly concluded that this summer activity belonged much more to the industry as a whole than to a particular association. He also felt that the success and goals of the event would be better served by a mechanism enabling collaboration and exchange between the various associations. That is why he created FIAM (Forum d’investissement alternatif de Montréal), a platform that serves as a rallying point for AIMA, CAASA, and EMB. The 2019 Méchoui is thus organized in collaboration with these three associations.


The investment industry has become extremely diversified, and products are becoming more complex. Added to this is an increasingly stringent level of compliance imposed by the regulatory authorities. Major financial institutions are also involved by imposing their own requirements for expected returns, operating soundness, risk management, transparency, and so on.

In this new environment, managers must be able to rely on the skill sets needed to successfully meet these challenges.

Several professional associations work in the non-traditional investment sector. AIMA and CAASA, of course, which were already mentioned. In addition, the CAIA (Charter Alternative Investment Association) is concerned with investment in real assets (infrastructure, real estate, private lending). The PRMIA (Professional Risk Managers’ International Association) concentrates on the management of risks associated with various investment strategies. Let us not forget Finance Montréal, which fosters cooperation among a vast range of institutions to stimulate the industry’s growth while raising awareness of the financial specializations found in Montreal.

In this ever-changing environment, FIAM is a platform that aims primarily to bring together our local financial industry, as well as to contribute to its development*. Each of the associations mentioned works towards this goal when it gets involved in an event in Montreal.

* In this regard, the FIAM Web site provides hyperlinks to each of these professional associations to promote them to its diverse audiences and the academic world.



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